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Website:Esprit up to here
Background: Son of an African-American father and a Korean-Nipponese mother, Hiro came from nowhere in particular by way of the old US military to attend UC Berkeley, where he met Juanita Marquez for the first time. He met her again, years later, at the dawn of the Metaverse boom, when they both worked for Black Sun Systems (what, in another world, would have been referred to as a dot-com), he developing the bodies and she the faces of the early Metaverse avatars.

Ultimately, he cashed out his Black Sun stock to put his mother in a retirement community in Korea and settled into the life of a freelance hacker, ultimately becoming the last of that dying breed. Most of his actual pay, during that time, came from other work, either as a stringer for the Central Intelligence Corporation of Langley, VA (formerly the Central Intelligence Agency before the US government collapsed and most of its components issued IPOs), or in a variety of pointless dead-end jobs.

His next-to-last such job was on the security force of a Burbclave in the Farms of Merryvale family, until he got shitcanned for arresting a burglar who happened to be the son of the Farms' Vice-Chancellor. Paying off the loan he had to take out from the Mafia as a result got him into his last such job: Deliverator for CosaNostra Pizza #3569. He lost that job crashing a company car while cutting through a The Mews at Windsor Heights to deliver a nearly-late pie; fortunately, the skateboard Kourier whose theft of his momentum had led to the crash volunteered to complete the delivery for him, so the slumber of Uncle Enzo (capo di tutti capi, chairman of the Our Thing Foundation, and ultimate boss of CosaNostra) would not be disturbed on that account.

A short while later, he helped the Kourier make her escape from a nearby The Clink, where a couple of bored MetaCops had stashed her for leaving the scene of his accident. This began a working relationship that would benefit them both when his connection to Juanita (and to Juanita's ex-husband, Black Sun head Da5id Meier) led him into conflict with the cult of Asherah.

He was able to leverage his final battle with the mad harpooner Dmitri Ravinoff into a literally show-stopping infomercial for Hiro Protagonist Security Associates, a mostly private cybersecurity corporation whose client roster currently includes Black Sun Systems, Inc., the CIC, Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong, the Our Thing Foundation and Radikal Kourier Systems.

Physical description: Hiro appears mostly light-Black (about the color of cappuccino), but with epicanthic folds inherited from his Asiatic mother. Most of the time, however, his eyelids and the associated eyes are only partly visible, behind the goggles that provide his view of the Metaverse, the virtual reality that's the default computing interface of his where and when (as well as being his gateway to the bar). Whatever he's wearing, there's a black leather kimono over it (if he's manifesting via his Metaverse avatar, which he probably is) and a daishô (katana and wakizashi, the two swords of a samurai) at his belt — unless they're in his hands, in which case someone or something is probably about to get chopped up real good.

Hiroaki "Hiro" Protagonist is from the novel Snow Crash, and is the property of Neal Stephenson. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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daisho, fighting asherah, hacking, katana, nam-shubs, neurolinguistic hacking, the black sun, the metaverse, the street, wakizashi
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